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Since October 2010, composer Ann Millikan has been building an interactive sound installation at the old Hamms Brewery and working with top musicians from the Twin Cites in a context of experimental improvisation. She is also conducting interviews and documenting the process on video, with the long-term goal of taking this project to music festivals and historic sites all over the world. Millikan’s project is in collaboration with Friends of Swede Hollow, and original residents of Swede Hollow will be sharing their early life stories at each event.


HOUSE OF MIRRORS focuses on the internal experience of the performer. Thought, kinesthetic awareness, and the inner ear all play an integral part in the development and performance of the piece. The object is to create a realm where the performer is surrounded by sound and stimulus both internally and externally. Various materials are given to stimulate improvisation: the score, resonant surfaces which are excited by using modified speakers, and "sound boxes" that are manipulated with the feet.